April 29, 2010

Video - The Six-Phrase Search

Remember the 6-word memoir? Well,the new challenge is the 6-phrase Google Search. Tell a story in six clicks.
What fun, easy, and shareable. Try it! One of mine is below....

My husband, Alan, and I took a sabbatical in June 2008 - May 2009...
here's the short version:


  1. That's fun, Barbara. Sorry you had trouble posting on WritingAlchemy. I think I'm going to have to revise the instructions and just tell people to give us the name of the video and url because the password is conflicting with our WritingAlchemy gmail account.

    But you're included in the contest! Kendra

  2. Thanks...that's great. I really enjoyed the process.
    And, as you know, I had problems with the gmail/youtube password. Looking forward to what others come up with!