April 5, 2010

Dream Years, Adventures, & A Contest

Wow...As many of you know, Alan and I (Barbara) lived one of our dreams... by going on a one-year traveling sabbatical from June 2008 - May 2009. You can still check out the blog of the Dream Year

I recently read that Teva is sponsoring a contest -- "giving away $10,000 awards to a handful of people. To get the money, all we want you to do is tell us what you would do with the cash. The only rule for your submission is that it’s about YOU and YOUR adventure."

Our friends Steph and Judy submitted a video titled Living Our Dream ... about a long sailing trip in their future.

What Dreams do you have?
And if you need some adventurous inspiration, just go over to the Teva website and watch some of the entries!!

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