April 30, 2010

Travel and Food

As some of you already know, I am currently in Spain. I spent a week in Barcelona and I am now in Pamplona. When I leave here, I will be meeting some friends and hiking part of El Camino de Santiago for about 4 weeks.

One of my absolute favorite parts of travel is the food and that certainly stands true here in Spain. There are the traditional tapas places, but also a whole range of other types of restaurants (Middle Eastern, Japanese, Italian, Indian), as well as lots of markets with fresh produce, bread, cheese, olives, etc. I am eating some meals in restaurants and some on the go (most often bread, cheese, sausage, olives, and dried fruit) and have had the pleasure of eating a couple of meals in the homes of local people that I met through Couchsurfing.

I am not sure when I will be able to upload photos here but you can be sure I am taking plenty, especially of the food. I will post them when I can.

Some of my favorite foods so far:
 - olives
 - cheese
 - jamon (generally refers to cured ham, like prosciutto, but much better)
 - chorizo
 - asparagus (huge white ones and also more average sized green ones)
 - calcots (chargrilled leeks served with delicious dipping sauces)
 - tortilla (Spanish omelette)

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