October 18, 2010

What Mothers and Daughters Do

My mom asked me to write a mother-daughter post about something we do together, so I was thinking about what mothers and daughters do together and in particular what this mother and daughter do together.

Here's a partial list:

we support each other

we press each other's buttons and get on each other's nerves

we teach each other things

we disagree about some things and agree about others

we have tea together

we recommend books to each other

we give each other attitude

we laugh together (now a lot more than we used to)

we give sometimes harsh but usually constructive feedback on each other's writing

we shoot guns together!

we argue with each other

we both use pretty vintage hankies and show them off to each other

we love each other


  1. Hello Cousin Barbara and Cousin Rebecca! That was really amazing!I loved it!!! I hope you are both doing well.Please let me know if you will be in Florida.I would love to see both of you.Suzy...XOXO

  2. I love this! Except for the "shooting guns" part, either of my daughters or 1 could have written this list. I am so thankful for the relationships we have with one another and the fact that we can be real with one another. I love my girls!

  3. Love it - makes me miss my mom, who lives in another state.

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments. We haven't had much of this sort of content, though it was one of our original intentions for this blog. Clearly it resonates with others, so I see more mother-daughter related posts in our future... stay tuned!