April 22, 2010

INSPIRATION - Other Women Writing about their Inspiration

While I am writing a book review of Where Women Create, A Book of Inspiration: In the Studio and Behind the Scenes with Extraordinary Women... well, obviously, I'm procrastinating -- I'm blogging not book reviewing -- I am realizing how much I enjoy reading about the sources of inspiration of other women.

And at the website/blog of one of the featured artists, Knitty Gritty host and author, Vicki Howell, she wrote about Betty White...see the post here:
Vicki Howell likes Betty White

The tribute is embellished with downloadable images, instructions on how to make a Betty White card, and video clips of memorable Betty W. lines.

I am so inspired by other women writing about their inspiration...
Especially women younger than me writing about other women older than me.

And, BTW, I'll post the link to the Story Circle Review when I finish it...but I do have at least another couple of websites to check out first!

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