April 21, 2010

Local Eating

One of my intentions in the last couple of years has been to eat more local food and less food that comes from really far away. One of my small changes was to start purchasing more of the meat, eggs and dairy I consume from local sources. I was finding this challenging for a while, but it has been getting easier as I find more sources and incorporate it into my routines.

One of the local sources that has been most helpful is CNY Bounty,  a local non-profit which my boyfriend Dan recently started working for.

How it works [from the CNY Bounty website]: Each week, Bounty staff coordinate weekly product availability with farmers and producers and upload the products, prices, photos and descriptions on the website. Consumers can go online to www.cnybounty.com between Friday at noon and Monday at noon to place an order.  Orders are collected from the farm on Wednesday morning by Bounty staff, taken to the shared distribution center in Sherburne, NY, and distributed by Bounty staff to customers’ doorsteps or strategically located drop off points on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.  Delivery is free for orders over $35 or for orders of any size to drop off points.

CNY Bounty operates year-round and currently works with over 90 farmers and producers.  All processed/prepared products contain at least 25% locally grown ingredients, except where products are not grown in the region (ex: coffee and cacao).

Some of our favorite items from CNY Bounty:

We've eaten a few meals lately which have consisted of mostly local ingredients.

One was a stir-fry with whole wheat noodles, sunflower oil, bok choy, cabbage, carrots, oyster mushrooms, and beef - all from CNY Bounty. And that's local raspberry apple juice on the side.

Another was local chicken wings from CNY Bounty and sauteed asparagus and kale from the garden. The kale was in a delicious soy coconut ginger sauce. The asparagus is the first of the season and it is very early this year - and very delicious!

What local eating have you been doing?


  1. oh MAN I get my eggs from a farm right down the street from Bouchaine! They are so delicious. I also found out that the historic grist mill in st. helena has a variety of grains available which are stone-milled on-site. delicious! and there's a source for carneros-raised pork products that are available for sale in town! yay, food!

  2. Today Vince and I ate some meatloaf made with local elk meat, duck eggs and some elephant garlic (with some locally roasted organic Mexican Coffee on the side). Oh, and I tried the Evan's Butter, and it most certainly does not taste like a barn.