September 19, 2010

Shooting My Way Into My Sixties

Rebecca and friend Lauren doing field exercises...what to do with your gun when crossing fences while hunting.
Lauren at mandated shotgun shoot.
Although all of us shot, Rebecca was the only one to hit the IFO ("identified flying object"! -- an orange frisbee-like object tossed into the air by the man behind her via remote control, to simulate the flight of a bird)
All us Annie Oakley's had to follow this sign to the facilities!

There's a lot to be said about why I've taken up hunting -- now -- after recently turning 60. And maybe I'll straighten out some of my curved thoughts about it soon. Suffice to say that after some ambivalence and trepidation, I took the Hunter Safety class with Rebecca and her friend Lauren.We got our Hunter Safety Certifications yesterday after 12 hours of class-time -- with written and field tests ...and now it's time to get our hunting licenses. Venison anyone?

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  1. Please download venison and send to our home in NYC. That would be a deer thing to do.