March 5, 2010

We Love Comments!

(This post is copied from my mom and dad's old blog The Dream Year, with a few edits by me)

Dear Readers,

We really like the responses that we have been getting to our recently inaugurated mother-daughter blog. Some people comment directly on the blog and some in personal emails to us or via facebook. All are encouraged and appreciated. We feel that dialogue is an important part of this blog - both between mother and daughter, and between writers and readers; so we especially encourage you to comment here on the blog itself. However, we know some readers may not know how to comment here on the blog, or may not have done it for so long that they're forgotten how.

If you already know how to comment on the blog and read others comments, you can skip the rest of this post. Everyone else, read on.

At the bottom of each blog entry there is a link, in small blue (or brown) letters, "comments." It will have a number in front of it. If you look at the posts now, you will see a few have "0" and a few have a number. The entry, Dumpster Diving Discourse - Mother Speaks, presently has "1."

Click on the "comments" and you can read the comments that people have written and/or post your own.

Adding your own comment is easier than it looks. Here's what to do:

Type your comment into the text box (below where it says "Post A Comment").

Below the text box, click on the drop down menu where it says "Comment as."
You will need to select one of the options here.
The easiest one is: Name/URL
You can fill in any name you want... Probably your first name is best. (You do not need a URL to post -- just leave that field blank if you don't have one or don't want to share it. If you do have a blog or website of your own, this would be the place to enter the web address.)

If you would like a direct response from myself or my mom, please check back later in the comments for our response, or be sure to include your email address in the body of the comment if we do not already have it.

Then click on the "Post Comment" button when you are finished.

You will see a preview of your post - this is the time to make any edits if needed. If you are satisfied with your post, complete the "word verification" -- just a precaution for the blog not to receive spam.

Finally, click the "Post Comment" button. Please only click once, even if you do not see your comment appear immediately, as it sometimes takes a few minutes for the page to update.


  1. Ladies!
    Just took some time to read the blog... Love it! You both have similar writing styles, but different voices- I like trying to figure out who posted in as few sentences as I can!

    I've been trying some small changes, which really do make things easier-- over the past year, I've pretty much eliminated bottled water and plastic bags. I recently started using cloth napkins and am living in a much cooler apartment (66 degrees is my just right temp). It's been easier to make these changes since my roommate left! A good chunk of my food is locally produced or from small businesses. May try bringing my own containers next...

    Look forward to reading more!


  2. Hi Barbara and Rebecca - great idea for a blog - and I had some fun cruising through its posts! Will add you to my google reader :)

  3. Heather,
    Glad you could join us...

    I keep trying to reinforce the small changes I have made -- like remembering to bring my cloth shopping bags and we've forever used cloth napkins. But I do keep forgetting to bring my tupperware container with me and end up with styrofoam for my leftovers.

  4. Wendy....
    Lovely to know that you will be a reader here as I have been at your blog since we met at Book Expo.
    Your comments and perspective are valued!

  5. Mary Cuthbert3/08/2010 8:54 AM

    Barbara & Rebecca: What a great blog! I started reading through your posts this morning, and realized I need to dedicate more time to them that I had before work. I'll read more tonight, as you've gotten me hooked!

    Rebecca: I also read David Allen's Getting Things Done. I'm a huge proponent of his concepts and have put them into practice at work at home. Good stuff!

    Mary C

  6. Mary, thanks for stopping by! Hope we hear more from you as you read through more of the posts.

    I too am a big fan of GTD. I think I may write a post about it soon. I've been using pieces of it for years now, but I try to reread the book periodically to see what else I can implement or have let slip.