February 9, 2010

New York City

Mother-Daughter Trip to NYC was great...filled with activities that we both enjoy. Broadway, small museums, seeing old friends, and eating well. Saw the incredible show Fela -- click on this link to check out the show's website and the wonderful visual and audio samples -- about a Nigerian musician-political activist.

Went to the Museum of Arts and Design -- their website has examples of the two shows we enjoyed: Slash, a varied display of the work of contemporary paper arts and Brooched -- the symbolic costume jewelry worn by Madeline Albright as she wended her way through the political quagmire of her ambassadorial and state duties!

We perused stores unlike ones we find in upstate New York -- the top photos were taken in a very large store of embellishments, M&J Trimming -- floor-to-ceiling shelves of buttons and bows, ribbons and tassels, sequins and beads. I loved eavesdropping -- listening to the two female entrepreneurs whose business involved decorating and updating older embroidered purses that they found on ebay, to a male-female couple who were designing some far-out costumes!

Of course, the difference in energy levels between Rebecca and I became evident when we taxied back from a lovely dinner in Grand Central Terminal (photos with our friends above) at Charlie Palmer's Metrazur at 10 pm -- I went up to our hotel room to sleep and she got driven further downtown to visit with some of her college friends -- arriving back at 2:45 am!!

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