February 22, 2010


Where do I find out about new books?
I read a lot of contemporary literature -- well, a smattering of so-called literary books as well as fluff (especially mystery series) and many self-help books.

And sometimes I think that I spend too much of my reading time -- reading about reading. But I so enjoy perusing many e-newsletters, websites, and blogs about books, authors, publishers, and bookstores.

I am also the lucky recipient of a number of review copies and ARCs -- Advanced Reader's Copies. These are pre-publication paperbacks of books that will be released in hardcover during the next couple of months. I am on a Reader's Advisory for Simon and Schuster and I write reviews for Story Circle Reviews .

Look on the right side of this blog and you will see Rebecca's and my current reading list as well as a list of some other books that we recommend.

(Yes, I am an amazon affiliate -- so if you are planning to make any amazon order, why not click one of those links and I'll get credits towards my book purchases!)

I INTEND to write about my reading and book-related INSPIRATION once a week.

What are you reading? And where do you get your book suggestions?


  1. My current read is The Children's Book by A.S. Byatt - a huge tome which has completely captivated me!

    I get books suggestions from a number of sources - primarily the book bloggers, but also Bookmarks Magazine, Shelf-Awareness (I also get a fair amount of ARCs and review copies), and just browsing the bookstores. The problem is not where to find suggestions, its how to pick which ones to read!!

  2. Wendy...I, too, have difficulty filtering out from all the choices. Like being in a wonderful candy shop. But which to ones choose? And is there someone whose taste I like who is doing the recommending ?!!
    I've even slowed down on requesting free ARCs -- they just pile up and I feel pressured to read them rather than savor the very special luxurious pleasure of reading