February 12, 2010

Inspired By: Industrial Spaces and Places

Photography is a hobby that has periodically waxed and waned in my life since I was given my first real camera at age 12 - a used Pentax 35mm SLR. I still have (and occasionally use) that camera, but most of my photos are taken with my small, easy, point-and-shoot digital camera. I try to make a habit of carrying it in my bag with me so whenever I see anything interesting or inspiring, I can snap it right then and there.

These photos were all taken in my neighborhood, in a spot I often walk through with my head swiveling left and right, up and down, checking everything out. On this particular day, everything collided - the same sights I am regularly intrigued by, a light snow, the sun just starting to set among the clouds, and my camera in my bag.

It reminds me that while inspiration is often circumstantial, being able to utilize inspiration in the creative process takes a mix of luck, preparation/forethought, and being awake and aware to what's going on around me at any given moment.

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