February 26, 2010

Inspiration - Books & Literary Affairs

If I lived on the west coast I know one activity I'd love to partake in...Julie Robinson's Affairs. Actually, her Literary Affairs. Let me explain.

While on my traveling sabbatical (for more info,see The Dream Year blog) I met Julie at Book Group Expo in San Jose, a wonderful reader's conference. Author-moderators led themed panels of other contemporary writers. As an energetic and knowledgeable moderator Julie contributed wit and insight and posed thought-provoking questions to both the authors and to the audience, us readers.

Julie's company emails information about upcoming literary events and the resource lists on her website introduce me to new books and authors too.

Based on Julie's recent announcement of a discussion with author Dara Horn about her book All Other Nights I've put it on my to-read list. But I wish I could be there for the conversation.

The Literary Affairs tagline is: Live a Life of Passion Inspired by Literature. And I am inspired by literature and...by Julie.


  1. You describe that conference so well, I can almost see it, and think I might be able to organize something similar (though the likelihood that will ever happen is ... slim to none). Thanks for telling me about Julie. I'll check her out further, and also your Dream Year blog.

  2. Your site also seems quite interesting and I could lose a whole morning just following all your links!
    Maybe we should encourage a listing of all blogs/websites of the Story Circle reviewers.

    As for the conference, Book Expo was quite special. It was well-organized but has ceased to be an annual event. That may have been for lack of funds and not enough help.
    Since I don't live in that area (San Jose, CA) but attended while I was on traveling sabbatical, I cannot volunteer to help get it running again.