January 16, 2010

One Small Change

I am participating in One Small Change, a challenge started by Hip Mountain Mama to encourage people to increase their positive green impact.

Since I already use cloth bags, cloth napkins, dish towels and hankies, buy in bulk, have switched to CFLs, and bring my own container for leftovers, I was struggling to find a small-ish change to work on for this month. I decided that my change for January is to get rid of things/use things up. Being a packrat and an environmentalist, this is always a challenge for me.

So I am looking for creative ways to use and give away some of my stuff. I am also giving myself permission to recycle and even throw away a few truly useless things. So far, I have given things away to friends and through freecycle, and have sold some items via Amazon and craigslist. I am also preparing to sell some of my handmade items locally. And I am making an effort to use the materials I already have around the house. Keeping things to prevent them from being thrown away is not positive if I'm not actually going to use them and they are taking up both physical and mental space. Also, the more organized and usable my space is, the more I am able to utilize the limited amount of project supplies I do decide to hang onto.

One of my projects - tagging my handknits for sale with repurposed materials (gift tags, paint chips, wallpaper samples, old postcards)

Anyone else participating in the One Small Change challenge? I'd welcome suggestions for future months (but I don't think I'm quite ready for the family cloth yet).

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