January 14, 2010

My Meditation Practice

My practice of meditation is sporadic... it comes and goes, waxes and wanes. I often intend to do it, but it's easy to find excuses not to. So as part of Winter Feast for the Soul (recommended by my mom), I've made a commitment to meditate every day for 40 days, starting January 15th. I will meditate a minimum of 15 minutes each day, with longer sessions on some days.

My practice is a very simple sitting practice - no music, no chanting, no visualization, no bells and whistles of any kind. I sit on a cushion with my eyes open and I breathe and I notice the out breath and when I notice I am thinking, I label it "thinking." That's about it. It is based on the practice described in Chapter 4 of the book The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chodron.

My current meditation spot in my bedroom

For me, meditation makes space in my head for things other than the To Do lists I tend to have constantly floating around. It makes space for me to feel more inspired, creative, and productive. On the flip side, it also can feel frustrating, tedious and unproductive. It's all in how I approach it.

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  1. Is that . . . our, bedroom? I miss it so . . .

    It looks different without the chaos of my pile of dirty clothes. I'll have to do something about that when I return.