December 27, 2010

Monday's Inspiration – December 27

A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. From my own personal experience, it can be a catalyst for enriching your life. -- Ali Edwards
Some people recommend choosing a theme for a new year. I find that inspirational. The theme should be succinct. What is my focus, my intention for the year -- in one word?

For me, the One Word serves, depending on the day and my mood, as a filter, a mantra, or a pep talk. On days when I am floundering or feel overwhelmed by the length of my to-do list, if I reflect on my One Word I choose better, I make sure I add some task – no matter how small -- that connects me with my One Word, with focus and intention.

In past years I’ve done this informally, by myself without sharing the concept or word with others, but without a specific plan, my focus was somewhat haphazard. Sometimes I’d remember to return to my word, sometimes I’d forget about it for weeks or months. In the past I choose active encouraging words – words that to me had flow and movement – like The Year of Vitality, or Creativity, or Exploration. And our sabbatical (June 2008 – May 2009) was titled The Dream Year.

This year I’ve decided I could use some inspiration and encouragement …and have signed up for an online workshop titled One Little Word offered by Ali Edwards (author of the above quote) at Big Picture Scrapbooking. Here’s how Ali describes the class:
I plan to bring my word into my life more consciously and concretely and make it more visible by creating an album to hold my thoughts, challenges and inspirations. You're invited to join me on this journey.
Each month you'll receive an email and an invitation to visit the One Little Word classroom. Inside the classroom, you'll find a gentle reminder message, encouragement to refocus, and a simple creative project to complete related to your word. At the end of the year you'll have an album that celebrates and honors your word - making it that much more concrete and visible in your life.
I’m looking forward to it. And, with some hesitation,  my word for 2011 is Aging.
Perhaps not as active or expansive as my former themes. With Aging I want to consciously explore the changes in my thoughts and feelings, plans and questions about Turning 60.

Hope you join me on this journey…formally or informally.
What’s your One Little Word for 2011?

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