February 14, 2011

Monday's Musings - Back Home

Just returned from vacation.
Wonderful to spend time with family and friends in FL.
Warm, so warm, and when it wasn't, it was still sunny.
One night it was as cold as it is here now, around 40 degrees, but here it is grey and windy.
Better, I hear, than the minus fifteen that happened here while we were gone.
Very nice to get a break from winter weather.

Salvador Dali 2v

Alan and I met up with Rebecca and Dan (who were on a separate FL trip) and accompanied them to the Dali Museum (see the post below written by Rebecca). I, too, was fascinated by Dali's body of work -- from his initial student paintings through his well-known surrealistic phase and optical illusions and later a post-war period with Christian images.
And always by his side and in his paintings his wife, his muse, Gala.

Lovely images and short bio of Gala at:

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