July 14, 2010

sweet summer, back deck

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I've been back from vacation for weeks now...and the longer i haven't posted the more difficult it seems. Sometimes it's hard to find a rhythm. Also difficult to decide what to write about here. I have stories about the Alaska trip but that seems like old news already. And the summer is wonderful and I want to hold onto it....hot or wet or perfect -- whatever it is. I love this time of year and the photos show some of why I love it.

 So I am back...recommitting to writing this blog and with simple intentions.
I INTEND to write here at least weekly. 
I know that the blogs that I read and am most attracted to add new entries including photos a few times a week.
I really am INSPIRED by many people and things around me...
And I often write about them in my journal or mention them in email or facebook postings. I'll include those here.
ALSO hoping that Rebecca and I can again write about our different perspectives on a topic. Dumpster diving was a challenging but worthwhile topic -- to think and write about. 

and my random thoughts:
Finding a focus, creating a niche, catching up with myself in this aging process, friends lost and found, living this rural life, reading so much on and offline and my experiences with tech toys and my aspirations to become a techno-crone, the creative process and what i yearn for, my clinical work, my involvement in the Red Thread program (memoir writing with my old mentor Gail Straub), the impact of small changes for the environment and for ourselves, ...
This is a new beginning.

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