July 14, 2010

Incredible Food Day

Here are a few more photos from Spain - from my last day in Spain, in a food market in Madrid.
Octopus, mussels, shrimp, bell peppers and onions, and a "short" beer.

Asparagus and other tasty treats on display - mostly slightly fancy versions of the sort of tapas you'd find in many bars in Spain (small open-face sandwiches, omelette, etc).

I tried two types of caviar at this stand. Not sure what they were though as neither my Spanish nor the vendor's English were proficient enough to communicate the nuances of fish eggs. (In fact, the only thing the vendor was able to communicate in English was "Egg. Fish. Egg fish!")

Amazing seafood stand, recommended by two gentlemen whose food I was drooling over. They shared a barnacle with me. It was salty and delicious and strangely textured.

I didn't think the food could get any better, but then I had these oysters. And then I had one more even though I was full because they were so tasty.

Though I was quite full after this incredible meal, I walked away elated. No food coma from this sort of food, more of a food high. Probably one of my top 5 meals ever.


  1. i love these photos and descriptions.

    what are the other 4 top meals you've eaten ? i think on my list might be the meal you, dad, and i shared in seattle. can you even remember what we had?

  2. I think one of my top meals is a breakfast of freshly caught trout cooked in the coals of a campfire while on a canoe trip.

    There were a few meals in Seattle that would be contenders for that list - oysters, the seafood place that dumped the food on the table, and How to Cook a Wolf.

    I'm not sure I remember the whole meal, but we definitely had geoduck, I think some sort of rabbit (maybe a ravioli?), and a dish with baby octopus (grilled, I believe). For dessert I think we had something chocolate and some incredible sorbet. What do you remember?

  3. My memory is sketchy but I would put the Seattle restaurant meal that you describe as one of my all-time favorites. Great tastes, new tastes, lots of tastes, and eaten un-hurredly - connected-ly -- having fun with you and Dad.

    Another...once on a boat off the coast of Costa Rica, dad and I were served fresh from the depths some shellfish...we both are not sure if it was a large clam or mussel...but it was wonderful.

    And on the first camping trip that dad and I took he served a delicious picnic lunch of melon and cheese and bread. Followed, of course, by good chocolate.

    When I was much younger I had the juiciest sweet peach ever, purchased from a street vendor in Rome.

    So even though I've had the luxury of eating some very fine restaurant meals most of my best food memories are simple and of the outdoors.