April 6, 2011

Traveling in March

Those of you who read The Dream Year blog (thedreamyear.blogspot.com) know that Alan and I like to travel -- we enjoy being outdoors, hiking, and CA is one of our favorite places to do that and more. So even though we had terrible weather (I admit that it wasn't as bad as at home but still...it rained every day!). We had wonderful connecting times with old friends and family and stayed in Lafayette (outside Berkeley), Point Reyes, and Sebastopol. Went on a personal wine tour at Bouchaine Vineyards in Napa (thanks again, Andrew), to see a very good local production of The Glass Menagerie, saw a documentary about the folk-singer Phil Ochs, went to one of my favorite stores (the Spirit Matters outside Inverness. I especially love their Quan Yin and Tara sculptures), took beach photos, took a few hikes (last photo is of our picnic at windy spot by the ocean before turning around for the 4.5 mile trek back), and ate some incredible CA -- local, organic -- meals.
Wonderful to get away in the winter, especially during this seemingly extended one.

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