April 19, 2011

P.S. On Eating Skate -- and an Impressively Quick Reply

Wanted to add this...because by the time I finished writing and posting the previous entry, this response was in my inbox. Incredible!

Dear Ms. Heller:
     Thank you for your inquiry regarding skate fish.  This is the response I received from our Director of Purchasing. "We source Winter Skate, not one of the species mentioned...this species is not endangered and is fished by permit only with a quotable catch to ensure its sustainability."
     We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.
Denise Fiore
Office Manager
Restaurant Education & Operations
The Culinary Institute of America
1946 Campus Drive
Hyde Park, NY  12538
Phone:  845.451.1547
Fax:  845.451.1094
Web Site:  www.ciachef.edu
Food is Life
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