January 4, 2011

What to Expect From Our Blog 2011

As we enter the new year, we've been plotting and planning for the year to come, including setting some intentions for how this blog will develop in the coming year. We wanted to share them with you.

What you can expect to see here in 2011:
  •  Minimum of one text post from each of us weekly (Barbara will post Mondays and Rebecca on Wednesdays) plus more as inspiration strikes us
  •  Photo Fridays - a weekly joint post from the two of us featuring a photo each of us took that week
  •  Some sort of mother-daughter discourse about once a month
  •  A few changes in layout to keep the design clean and easy to use
  •  Bonus content - we're still scheming about how best to provide this, and we'll keep you posted
Anything else you'd like to see on this blog? What posts or content did you most enjoy last year?

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