January 3, 2011

Monday's Inspiration - Online Art Classes

Wandering around the internet I continue to find incredible inspiration and resources.

A wordy person like me might want to shake up her perspective and add a visual aspect to her work.
One of the ways to do this is to create a Visual Journal.
The art supply company Strathmore is offering some free online Visual Journaling workshops.
Check them out.

Of course, I've signed up for all three of their 4-week classes that are offered this season. All entail weekly video and print instructions. And there is a classroom with forums to ask questions and share photos of your projects. I am inspired by looking at the pages some of the students have created -- they are running on a slideshow at the classroom site.
Currently there are over 800 people in the class...and like most online classes only some join in the discussion.

I also recommend Artellaland -- for a creative boost. Check out their site and get on their free enewsletter list.


  1. The visual journaling classes look great! I signed up for one too, mostly so I could peek at other people's journals. I am rather critical of my own drawing skills, but I am trying not to let that stop me from drawing more frequently.

  2. I used to belong to Artella until they upgraded then I have never been able to re connet. I am still working on it tho.

  3. Rebecca - Glad you joined. I am assuming for Workshop 1. There is already a lot of board activity but I am also most drawn to the visuals. You can use ephemera and copies of magazine photos that you like in addition or instead of your own drawing.

    Evolving Artist - Welcome, glad you joined us.
    I don't understand what you mean about not being able to connect to Artella. Have you emailed them? They do send out a regular enewsletter.