March 3, 2010

One Small Change - Month 3

I feel successful with my February One Small Change - increasing the amount of eggs, meat, and dairy that I buy from local sources. I was already doing this to some degree, but was not very disciplined about it and I was unwilling to spend the extra money to purchase local meat. This is partially because I rarely buy meat anyway and I don't have an accurate sense of what it costs in the supermarket, so the prices on local meat seem really outrageous. When I actually compared though, I decided the extra effort and cash are worth it, especially considering I don't eat very much meat. Yogurt and eggs I was buying locally when I came across them, but would purchase conventional versions of these products when I couldn't easily find the ones I wanted. Again, I am putting in the small extra effort it takes to get these even when I have to go a little out of my way.

This month I attended the local Winter Farmers' Market on February 6 (good thing I did, I found out the next one is not until March 27) and I purchased organic stew beef, free-range eggs (including an extra dozen for my parents), and free-range pork chops from three different local farms. I also spoke with a couple of the farmers and got information about visiting the farms. This month I also bought local yogurt and cheese at one of the natural food stores (unfortunately the one furthest from my house, but the only one that carries the local yogurt I like). This will actually become more convenient soon, as I will soon be going there at least once a month anyway to do pick-ups for the local Food Not Bombs. There is one more place on my list to shop, but it will have to wait until next month - the food co-op on the local university campus. It's not too far away, and they have some good stuff at reasonable prices, but parking is a bit of a pain and there's not really a good way to walk or bike there.

The most delicious brand of yogurt ever. 
Double Maple is good, but the best flavor is Orange.

My One Small Change for March will be water conservation. I contemplated this for last month, but knew I couldn't do much until I got the shower working (previously could only take baths). I'm now ready for this change, having fixed the shower with the help of my dad. We even installed a low-flow showerhead with a soap-up switch and I plan to start using the kitchen timer to time my showers and remind me not to dawdle. I also plan not to flush the toilet every time it's used. I'm familiar with the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" philosophy, but our toilet seems to stain easily and I also find that policy a bit smelly. So my plan is to stay well hydrated, and then as long as what's in the toilet is more clear-ish than yellow, I'm fine letting it mellow. I will also try to use a lower flow of water when I wash my hands, do handwashing and rinse dishes.


  1. I very much admire this mother-daughter partnership, and the topics that you both explore. When I see you this weekend Becca, expect all sorts of questions. Write on ladies!

  2. Becca,
    Thank you for the idea! I will have to steal it from you.
    I never thought much about water,mainly because we don't pay for it as I am a renter.
    I don't use bottled water, but that's because of the plastic. I will start using grey water to water my plants and filling up a jug leavin it on the counter for me and Trixie(my dog) I don't like it too cold and this way I won't be running the water or wasting any.
    God bless,

  3. Taier - Thanks for reading and commenting! I will see you very soon and would be happy to answer your questions. You may even get a chance to meet my mom!

    Helen - Yes, water conservation is one that sometimes slips my mind as well, especially living in a part of the country where water shortage is generally not an issue. There is not a shortage of water on this planet - but there is a shortage of clean, fresh water so hopefully the little bits you and I and others do add up to make a difference!

  4. Doesn't it feel great to eat local! I slip up also on the eggs when it just isn't convenient, but then when i get back into the habit, it just feels right to be supporting these local folks!
    We did water conservation last month and i really feel the yellow mellow and the low flow shower head had a lot to do with our success! I love your plan of staying hydrated so it isn't as has it's health benefits also! :)
    Feel free to stop by any time this month and let us know how it is going!

  5. Suzy - thanks so much for organizing One Small Change! It is a great reminder for me to be a bit more disciplined about some of the things I often intend to do, but don't always follow through on.