September 23, 2010

Rural Music

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Now that summer has officially ended, I am reflecting on the local events that mean summer to me.
One summer tradition is The Bainbridge Old Time Band concerts. Only one-hour long, three to four times each summer, outside if the weather is good, and always associated with desserts and church-fundraisers. The season usually begins with a Strawberry Shortcake Special. The concert pictured above happened toward the end of blueberry season...and for $2.50 I got the works. The choices included blueberry cobbler -- which I devoured, blueberry buckle, and a blueberry cake, topped with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, and garnished with a use-serve-yourself helping of blueberry sauce.
The band which has grown in size since the first time I heard them...used to play from the small gazebo at the other end of the now up to 15 players. The evening's program included marches and waltzes and a medley of Scottish tunes sandwiched between the national anthem and God Bless America. Folding chairs, caps of white-haired couples, the band leader is the local maple syrup producer and his mom leads the last tribute song.
There are many other musical offerings in this area -- people raved about the Blues festival this past weekend on the bridge in Binghamton and my family and I enjoyed the line-up at this year's Colorscape, but summer just wouldn't be summer without the Bainbridge Old Time Band.

   What events mean summer to you??

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