June 17, 2010

A time of transition, a time of joy

A little rough weather coming out of the Pyrenees

Returning home from my time in Spain on the Camino de Santiago has been interesting. I think for me it may be easier than for others, since what I'm coming home to excites me - a lovely time of year to be outdoors and in the garden, plenty of time to spend with friends and loved ones, a vibrant community, and work I am excited about (mainly unpaid, but I will even be getting paid for a little of it). When I was on the Camino, I felt a desire to stay there longer while also desiring to be at home. At home now, I feel great joy being here but I also miss the Camino and would have liked just a bit more time there.

Lots of rain = happy snails
For the most part, I've been able to carry with me certain things from the Camino - my sense of calm and relaxation, feeling able to be open and spontaneous about what I will do each day, and being excited about what each day may bring. Some things I do miss though. I miss the sense of instant connection to a larger community (other pilgrims), even people you just met. I miss the culture of sharing what you have. I miss the magic - the feeling that whatever you need will be provided (by the universe, or by a random stranger or a new friend). And I miss my confidence in my intuition, which seems more rock solid in a culture of magic like the Camino (or when traveling in Nepal and India) but seems to fade here as the skeptical/cynical part of me takes charge.

Enjoying and appreciating fresh garden salads (with local eggs and dressing) at home

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