May 23, 2010

A Brief Spain Update

Internet access hasn´t been very plentiful as my trip has progressed, but I was able to upload a few photos from one location. In this photo I am filling my cup from a wine fountain. There are many fountains along the Camino de Santiago, the trail I am walking, but this is the only one that offers free vino - the rest dispense only agua. A little disappointing, but better for keeping pilgrims hydrated.

My journey so far has been wonderful - I started in the Pyrenees and have walked through many different landscapes, including mountains, forests, farmland, cities, the meseta (a sort of high mostly flat plain), and now scrubland. I have walked in rain and cold and fog and sun and heat. I have walked alone and with friends, old and new.

Today the path was ugly in many ways - much of it through city suburbs and industrial zone and along roads - but as usual there was much of beauty and interest too, including bodegas, a sort of in-ground cold storage space most often used for wine, and lots of birds and wildflowers.

I will share more soon, as I have the chance.

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  1. What a fancy dress you have there! I know that one didn't pack out with you, so you must have found it in a free box or something. Any other neat finds along the way?